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Clever Age and Mobile Now announce strategic partnership focusing on the WeChat ecosystem

Clever Age and Mobile Now agree to a complementary alliance to guide multinational clients in bridging the global digital landscape with the Chinese ecosystem.

With its long established presence in Europe, headquartered in Paris, as well as Asia Pacific, Clever Age has broadened its AP offering through the strategic partnership with Mobile Now; the full service mobile agency, based in Shanghai.


Complementary synergy


Clever Age has proven consulting expertise and technical know-how, through its four entities: Couleur Citron, Clever Garden, Clever Forge and Clever Presence. The partnership with Mobile Now built upon this existing approach by tapping into their expertise on the Chinese digital ecosystem, especially around WeChat.

This geographic synergy will allow Clever Age to deliver a wider offering to its European clients seeking to build, or enhance, their operations in China.


Global approach by leveraging the unique China digital ecosystem


The increasing importance of the Chinese approach to digital is now clearly visible on the global stage. This has been witnessed both in terms of the desire of the titans of Chinese digital economy, to grow beyond their home market, as well as the sophistication of the Chinese user, in the way they consume digital media.

Increasingly learnings from China, more so than North America or Europe, will shape global digital strategies.


The partnership has already begun


A number of initiatives have already kicked off between Clever Age and Mobile Now. Primarily focusing on deploying WeChat based, Ecommerce solutions for Chinese overseas travellers, across the retail, luxury and distribution sectors.