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Crédit Expat onboards more banks for 2019

2019 has started with a positive and dynamic trend with loan conditions still remaining historically low for the beginning of this new year. Crédit Expat’s main focus constantly remains to make the offer encountering the demand with optimal conditions. Developing and maintaining the bank offer is then a strategic focus for Crédit Expat.

The more banks that can position themselves on a project, the more interesting negotiations will take place. Thanks to the great and continuous efforts made by Crédit Expat team, new banks have been onboarded late 2018 and historical partners have been able to show more flexibility regarding loan conditions. This contributes to set the new rules of the 2019 game while continuing favouring leverage solutions for both profitability and taxation.

Eleven years ago, Crédit Expert group set up its first entity in France to help real estate investors find the most competitive loan conditions in the market. Its activities have expanded fast and the group has grown to up to 20 entities in France and in Luxembourg. This expansion has enabled the group to build strong relationships with more than 60 bank branches based on geographical proximity.  

As a response to the growing demand of French expatriates and non-residents willing to invest in real estate in France, the broker has identified banks able to finance real estate projects while considering the underlying needs of this specific type of client. The group has then progressively set the basis of Crédit Expat which now accompanies French expatriates and non-residents all over the world.

As a strategic line of business, a representative office was created in Hong Kong in 2017 to ensure a premium service with a local point of contact dedicated to people residing in the Asia Pacific region. It has been a key decision for the group aiming at breaking the distance between clients located at 10,000 km or more from the Bank.