Cristal Room by Anne-Sophie Pic is set to open this mid-November 2023 in Hong Kong

Leading Nation Hospitality and Baccarat, symbol of “joie de vivre” meet the world’s most Michelin-starred female chef in the heart of Hong Kong’s newest iconic location to give birth to an exceptional venue.

Baccarat, creator of enchanting worlds, AnneSophie Pic, the most Michelin-starred female chef in the world, and Leading Nation Hospitality from Hong Kong today announce a new chapter at the convergence of hospitality, design, and gastronomy with the opening of the restaurant Cristal Room by Anne-Sophie Pic in Hong-Kong this mid-November 2023. Gerald Li and Kevin Poon, the two co-founders of Leading Nation Hospitality, will lead the restaurant collaboratively with PIC Group consulting department. It will be located on the 44/F of Gloucester Tower, inside the most bustling artistic, culinary and lifestyle destination at Forty-Five in Central’s Landmark, Hong Kong.

Conceived by Gilles et Boissier, famed Paris-based architecture and interior design studio behind the Baccarat Hotel in New-York, the 40-seat restaurant will offer an exceptional panoramic view of Hong Kong’s internationally renowned Victoria Harbour. At the entrance of the restaurant, a chandelier immersed in fire symbolizes the alchemy of bringing together the four elements – fire, air, earth and water- at the basis of all Baccarat creations.

"Forty-Five embodies a unique convergence of the culinary and creative arts and will define the next generation of hospitality. It is a great privilege and honour to be partnering closely with the legendary Chef Anne-Sophie Pic and the ultimate luxury brand, Baccarat on this final piece of Forty-Five in Hong Kong, to deliver an exceptional top-class French fine-dining experience to the esteemed guests of Hong Kong.” says Gerald Li, co-founder of Leading Nation Hospitality.

With almost 260 years of history and passion for excellence, Baccarat continues to enchant the world as the symbol of the art of celebration and French joie de vivre. Through this milestone opening of the Cristal Room by Anne-Sophie Pic, Baccarat is increasing its presence in Hong Kong while offering a unique and captivating experience.

“It is a great honour to partner with Anne-Sophie Pic, someone I have loved and admired for a very long time, to create a one-of-a-kind journey together with the professional direction of Leading Nation Hospitality, bringing light, joy and pleasure to our guests,” says Maggie Henriquez, CEO of Baccarat.

Anne-Sophie Pic, chef of this new gastronomic destination, is known for her refined palate, impeccable balance, and striking flavor combinations, which achieve an extraordinary harmony between powerful tastes and their delicate expressions. Her unique legacy is built upon grace and boldness.

“I'm delighted to be opening a new restaurant in Asia together with the French Maison Baccarat and the Hong-Kong- based hospitality group Leading Nation. After Singapore, I will continue my exploration of the Asian continent so dear to me; reappropriating and interpreting ingredients with French cuisine codes.” says Anne-Sophie Pic.

Pic, whose family history began over 100 years ago in the Valence region of France, is expanding around the globe, developing exceptional gastronomic destinations, as subtle as they are daring, that nourish the heart, the body and the soul. This new establishment joins 8 restaurants throughout the world from the group run by Anne-Sophie Pic and her husband, David Sinapian.

With the opening of the Cristal Room by Anne-Sophie Pic, the restaurant’s passion, boldness and virtuosity will come together to bring the French art de vivre to new heights. Baccarat, Anne-Sophie Pic and Leading Nation Hospitality are proud to achieve this wonderful dream.

Stay tuned for more news and updates for Cristal Room by Anne-Sophie Pic’s opening this mid-November.