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Evergreenland Ltd introduces intelligent indoor air system at CES Las Vegas

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), research shows air pollution is the direct cause of 6 million deaths each year and an exponential increase of allergy issues in the population. On average, people spend 90 percent of their time indoors within homes that can be up to five times more polluted than the outside environment. One of the main contributors to indoor pollution, besides the particulate matters (PM), is the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) coming from paint, varnish, deodorizer and/or other chemicals. As a consequence, the aromatherapy delivering terpenes (a family of VOCs) from the essential oils, can be more harmful than good if diffused into a polluted air environment.

In this context, Evergreenland Ltd. introduces OLFINITY, the first-ever intelligent air system to bring together air quality assessment, air purification and controlled aromatherapy to create an unparalleled indoor health and wellness environment. The complete system is now on display at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES); making its official debut at ShowStoppers ® in the Lafite Ballroom in the Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas.

“With OLFINITY, we want to give consumers full control of their indoor air quality while providing them with user-friendly and effective solutions,” said Olivier Partrat, Co-Founder, OLFINITY adding that “our mission is to raise awareness and help consumer understand that, with our connected and transparent system, they can control the air they breathe in an indoor environment, and create the conditions to optimize an aromatherapy session when desired.”

How it works: OLFINITY is an IoT based premium solution complete with three smart devices – air monitor, air purifier and aromatherapy diffuser- connected and managed by a gateway.

  • Air Monitor – assesses the quality in real time and continuously with precise sensors detecting VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) and PM0.5 (Particulate matter), PM2.5 and PM10 in addition to temperature and humidity. It can be used either indoor or outdoor thanks to its nomad format (compact, lightweight) and 4h battery life. Data can be read clearly and easily both on the device, the app and on the dedicated OLFINITY server.
  • Air Purifier – cleans your indoor air pollution levels when VOCs and PM0.5, PM2.5 and PM10 tracked by the Air Monitor device are above the safety standards. The filtering action is based on transparent and clearly stated values from international norms such as: World Health Organization (WHO) for the PM and the most rigorous worldwide standard for the VOC (Japan).
  • Aromatherapy Diffuser – provides a controlled (duration and dosage) aromatherapy session in a purified air quality. The five OLFINITY aromatherapy blends are specifically formulated in France with organic essential oils. Nicolas Vidal and Jean-Francois Lesgards, OLFINITY chief scientists, explain that “For an optimized aromatherapy session, our system monitors the concentration of actives to remain within an efficacy/safety range in a cleaned environment for a limited duration of the diffusion”. They also underline that the “safety comes from the dry diffusion patented technology.”
  • Gateway – The OLFINITY system is managed and connected by WIFI or Bluetooth 5 to the user-friendly OLFINITY app, which gives you remote access of the eco-system and enables you to monitor your air quality, track your air purification and program your aromatherapy sessions as well as view related historical  reports.

“We know that this system will disrupt the health and wellness industry and most importantly empower people to take control of their life indoors,” explains Olivier.

OLFINITY will be available for purchase summer 2018. For more information, visit In addition, follow on social media by liking the OLFINITY Facebook page and following on Twitter at @OLFINITY for the latest updates and announcements.