FIS celebrates its 60th anniversary with the launch of an Alumni Trophy!

2023 is the Diamond Jubilee of the French International School in Hong Kong! On this occasion, we wish to highlight and engage our student community who have contributed over the past decades,  to making the school a place of excellence.

In partnership with Les Trophées des Français d'Asie de l'Est organised by in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, we are delighted to launch the inaugural edition of the French International School of Hong Kong Alumni Trophy.

The jury of the 2023 edition met in January to decide the winners in all categories. The selected candidates were chosen among the different categories (Entrepreneur, Arts & Culture, Social and Environmental, etc. in addition to the General Public Award), with the common denominator of having attended FIS during their school career. The winners of all the awards will be revealed on February 16 at a ceremony sponsored by the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau in the presence of the 25 finalists, sponsors and partners.

The context for the creation of this award is twofold:

Firstly, we are celebrating 60 years of the FIS this year. We were looking to mark the occasion and to integrate our alumni, or former students, into the history of the school.  Sixty years of history means thousands of students who have passed through our school and had varied life paths, some of them in Asia where they chose to live, work and raise their young families.

The teachers also shared with me the journeys of some of their former students and their hope to see these life paths celebrated more frequently, illustrating the quality of education provided at LFI. I was able to meet some of these alumni in Hong Kong and see first-hand the originality of their journeys and their successes. It was therefore timely and welcome to honour and reward FIS alumni in the context of Le Petit Journal's East Asia Trophies.

With this inaugural award, our ambition is to launch in the coming months a wider action of connections, collaboration and exchanges with our alumni around the world, and particularly with those who have chosen Hong Kong as their home.

We look forward to the announcement on February 16th of the laureate of the French International School of Hong Kong's first Alumni Trophy!

Dr. Emmanuel Bonin
Head of School

If you are an FIS alum, or know some alumni, please contact us! (Romy Serfaty, Director of Marketing & Communications, rserfaty(@)