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IMS launches real estate software platform Property Raptor

Asia’s leading digital transformation agency, Integrated Management Systems (IMS), announces the launch of a unique, state-of-the-art property management and sales software solution with built-in intelligence and architecture to handle end-to-end operational activities, enabling agents and developers to maximise and accelerate sales thanks to AI matching and machine learning technologies.

Property Raptor, a top-of-class real estate software platform, empowers agents, developers, and agencies to increase productivity and close deals faster thanks to sophisticated blockchain and AI technologies

Property agents and developers face debilitating, costly issues such as managing vast volumes of data, maintaining visibility of global resources and inventory, as well as integrating and streamlining work processes from multiple siloed systems. Property Raptor overcomes these difficulties by enabling agents to close deals faster, thanks to a sophisticated AI algorithm that matches buyers with properties, and vice versa. This speeds up the sales process, optimises buyers’ experience, and ensures repeat purchases and adoption of the solution.

In addition to a fully automated, time-efficient sales funnel optimised for conversions, the tool automates repetitive tasks, manages a database with reverse searches through advanced data crunching and AI, handles entire regulatory compliance processes, offers 2D property visualisation for better inventory management, and has an AI-driven marketing engine at its core that delivers targeted marketing campaigns and generates data insights about buyers and factors that influence their purchasing behaviours.

Agents are saved from having to waste hours and hours stuck at the start of the sales funnel, or finding out-of-date information on clients and properties from siloed systems,” states Justin Lau, CEO of Property Raptor. This cloud-based tool solves all the key industry pain points across productivity, compliance, client marketing, and inventory management, while guaranteeing a seamless and satisfying user journey for agents and buyers.

Increased transparency and effective marketing will empower agencies and developers to drive global success thanks to Property Raptor

The tool will also enable property developers and agencies to deliver an unparalleled buyer experience to clients through thoughtful and relevant communications. Clients will receive specific recommendations and property details that accurately reflect personal preferences.

Property Raptor is a unique, sophisticated yet easy-to-use system that we have designed and built closely with the real estate industry. It tackles the costliest issues faced by property agents and developers, while keeping in mind the industry’s need to deliver an exemplary user experience,” explains Anastasios Papadopoulos, CEO of Integrated Management Systems (IMS) and IMS Digital Ventures. “We’ve engineered the software so that it takes into account the industry’s need for safe, secure, and agile data management as well as an efficient sales process for agents to close more deals faster.

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