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Inspectorio announces ISO 27001 certification

Inspectorio, the global quality control and supplier compliance verification platform, has achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification covering all of its assets, including infrastructure, data centres, and services provided to its customers and team members.

Published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the ISO 27001 standard is used worldwide by governments and organisations to indicate that data security is adequately implemented throughout an entity. It specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system (ISMS).

Data breaches have become part of the international news-cycle with frequent reports of hacks into consumer, financial and political organisations. For companies that use cloud-based software, one way to ensure that data is as safe as possible is to only use software-as-a-service (SaaS) from a provider who is certified according to an Information Security standard.

Inspectorio is the only quality and compliance provider to undertake the rigorous and exhaustive requirements set out by the ISO.

“Inspectorio takes security extremely seriously, and we are proud to be the only vendor in our industry that is ISO 27001 certified,” said Dr Trung Dinh, Inspectorio’s Security Architect. “The process to obtain ISO certification is demanding and painstaking for a good reason – if a customer is entrusting us with something as sensitive as their data, we need to be able to demonstrate our ability to protect it. With this certification, our customers are assured that all the security measures of our SaaS offering, from detailed processes to broader risk assessments, have been verified by salient third parties.”

In addition, Inspectorio has also revealed that as part of its ongoing cybersecurity mission, it has joined the ranks of companies such as General Motors, Airbnb, Spotify, Twitter and Starbucks in enlisting HackerOne – the cybersecurity firm with a network of approximately 200,000 hackers – to perform penetration testing against their web and mobile platform. The results of the testing have allowed Inspectorio to take an increasingly proactive approach to finding vulnerabilities across its surfaces.

“Our approach to cybersecurity is a reflection of our values at Inspectorio,” said Carlos Moncayo Castillo, co-founder, and CEO. “We believe that it is not only a matter of respect to guarantee the safety and security of our customers’ data, but it is a matter of necessity. With this certification and other proactive measures, we set a new standard for the inspection industry and draw attention to cybersecurity - an essential and increasingly complex issue.”

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