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JCDecaux publishes ‘CITIES: the new deal’ on the future of cities

Ever since its creation, JCDecaux has been at the very centre of cities and their ecosystems as a driver of their transformation. Its constant objective has been to make the world’s cities ever more welcoming, comfortable and attractive for city dwellers by providing high quality services.

To further this strategy of designing and deploying urban services, it is necessary to constantly imagine what type of service is needed and how it will be used. To do this, it is important to observe and analyse citizens’ expectations. This has inspired the creation of the trends book “CITIES: the new deal”. The publication was produced following months of work, research and discussion. It is organised into six key themes and compiles the converging views and vision of 16 thinkers and players who are shaping the development of cities in France and other countries.

“The 21st century will be a century of cities.” This prophecy is becoming a reality and is being proven more and more each day. Cities around the world are a melting pot of major economic, social and societal change. Both small and large cities are joining in on this transformation. They are its universal advocates, showing remarkable audacity and inspiring innovation.
“CITIES: the new deal” reveals a number of preconceptions, comments and illustrations on the development of cities, their practices and their use. Each opinion contributes to the quality of this book, which provides revealing and informative insights into our changing world.

As such, this unprecedented, highly instructive endeavour will enable JCDecaux to create products and services for the City of the Future based on concrete realities. Whether the applications provide information or facilitate mobility, connectivity or interaction, each of these products and services will serve the company’s key mission and constant focus on improving urban living for all

Jean-Charles Decaux, Co-CEO of JCDecaux, said: “In our trends book, we sought out evolving cities that are highly committed to the digital revolution and to their unavoidable energy transition. We discovered countless initiatives that are in line with those that JCDecaux is rolling out or imaging for today and for the future. “CITIES: the new deal” encourages us to play an active role together in shaping the future of our fast-changing urban landscapes.”

Albert Asséraf, Executive Vice-President, Strategy, Data & User Innovation, said: “The World Bank forecasts that in 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. Each of us must prepare for this new world order - we must understand its implications, find the best practices and encourage the sharing of ideas, resources and experience - this is more important now than ever. Creators, innovators, scientists and researchers from around the world joined JCDecaux in creating the trends book “CITIES: the new deal” to tell the story of our changing cities. The future of our cities lies in our capacity to come up with collective solutions focused on shared well-being.”

“CITIES: the new deal” is available for free download in French here (entitled “VILLES, la nouvelle donne”) and from here in English.