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One Michelin-starred Feuille Celebrates Its One-Year Anniversary and Chef David Toutain's Return to Hong Kong with an Extraordinary Farm-To-Table Dining Experience

Feuille, the modern French concept that recently earned its first-ever Michelin star and green star in MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau 2024, is delighted to celebrate its one-year anniversary and extend a warm welcome to the renowned Michelin-starred chef David Toutain from Paris. Chef Toutain, also the Chef Founder of Feuille, will grace the occasion with his presence from 14 to 19 April to mark this momentous week.

In honour of this significant milestone, Feuille presents a captivating Farm-To-Table dining event on 17 and 18 April for lunch and dinner. Collaborating with trusted local produce suppliers, Feuille demonstrates its commitment to sustainability by incorporating meticulously sourced, locally grown produce throughout the event. Beyond providing an exquisite dining experience, this event serves as a unique opportunity to not only support local farmers, but also educate the community on the profound significance of sustainable and locally sourced produce. By fostering a deeper understanding of these practices, Feuille aims to inspire a collective responsibility towards our environment and overall wellbeing. Led by Chef David Toutain, alongside Executive Chef Joris Rousseau and their exceptional team, this event guarantees an unforgettable dining experience.

For the special two-day event, Feuille has invited representatives from local sustainability cooperatives, including Hung Yat Farm, Conspiracy Chocolate, R-Farm, Farmhouse Productions, who will warmly welcome diners with their own products and introduce their progressive farm practices that prioritise sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Hung Yat Farm stands as a pioneer, embracing zero pesticide and chemical fertiliser methods to foster a harmonious partnership with nature and sharing its precious resources. Conspiracy Chocolate redefines guilt-free indulgence through a range of initiatives, such as direct sourcing, home compostable packaging, and zero food waste practices. Both R-Farm and Farmhouse Productions demonstrate regenerative farming practices, each with their unique approach. R-Farm emphasises soil health through minimal tilling, soil micro-organism and organic matter amendments, and natural pest control. Farmhouse Productions, on the other hand, focuses on methods involving homemade compost, minimal fertilisers, no-till techniques, and non-chemical pest control. What unites these cooperatives is their commitment to sustainable agriculture, aligning with Feuille's mission to create a dining experience that seamlessly combines excellence and sustainability.

On another note, Chef David Toutain is visiting Hong Kong next month from 14-19th April !