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Plantin Kaviari Pioneers On 15 Years of Luxury Food And Beverage Supply Curation in Hong Kong

Celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, the gourmet food supplier advocates premium quality food and drink options for the city’s most discerning taste makers and gourmands.

Celebrating 15 years of excellence as the renowned gourmet ingredient supplier to Hong Kong and Macau’s most discerning fine dining restaurants, Plantin Kaviari strives to expand the horizon of many through its ever-evolving curation of fine food and drink options, from the company’s exclusive quality caviar and seasonal truffles, to artisanal cheeses. In light of its 15th anniversary, Plantin Kaviari is extending its legacy sharing the joy and conviviality of fine gourmet with food lovers.

Since its inception in Hong Kong in 2009, Plantin Kaviari has grown and matured to a larger scale supplier that covers the region’s biggest names in fine dining, locally including Michelin star-bearing Caprice, Louise, Petrus, VEA, as well as Macau’s Alain Ducasse at Morpheus and Wynn Palace’s Chef Tam’s Seasons just to name a few. In 2024, Plantin Kaviari has expanded to cover David Toutain’s Feuille, Paolo Airaudo’s Noi, Hideaki Sato’s Ta Vie, as well as Daniel Calvert’s Sezanne in Tokyo, recently crowned #1 at Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2024. Kaviari, a company shareholder, specializes in selection and maturation of caviar, such as the company’s own signature Kristal® Caviar and is popular among restaurants for its long-lasting aftertaste and almond notes. Meanwhile, Plantin takes pride in leading truffle selection in Europe since 1930, from freshly harvested seasonal to preserved truffle items.

Besides truffles and caviar, Plantin Kaviari strives to enrich its portfolio and profile with an enriched catalog of premium ingredients from around the world. Curated based on exclusivity and demand in the world of gastronomy, Plantin Kaviari continues its mission in bridging chefs with ingredient suppliers and producers, as well as sharing the conviviality in unique gastronomic experiences. Besides truffles and caviar products, the gourmet company has since added to its profile celebrated food artisans such as Boucheries Nivernaises (7th generation French butchery expert); Castaing (4th generation foie-gras producer where artisanal production methods are observed); Xavier Fromagerie (2nd generation cheese artisan); Alexis Muñoz (activist for sustainable development and expert in olive cultivation); Prova (fair trade and ethical vanilla) and Alain Milliat (high-end juice and nectar brand), and most recently, QWEHLI, a premium seafood provider.

Besides clientele demographic covering restaurants and chefs, Plantin Kaviari has expanded into home delivery services for Hong Kong private customers, where a curated catalog of food and beverage products are available for ordering online at As Plantin Kaviari looks to the future of fine dining and global gastronomy, the company aims to build stronger ties with its corporate clientele with long-term partnership and collaborations through high-end products and professional service, as well as a more proactive role in sustainable actions for a greener hospitality industry locally and abroad. Through the company’s efforts to strive for excellence in building food supply chains and better logistics development, Plantin Kaviari continues to support restaurants and chefs in the goal to construct and refine unique culinary experiences.

"The significance of our partnership among chefs, suppliers, and ourselves is pivotal for navigating market shifts: prioritizing customer service and proximity, emphasizing sourcing quality ingredients, and championing sustainability with our suppliers.", says Mickael Riou, GM of Plantin Kaviari, the future is brighter and greener as Plantin Kaviari takes flight onto the new era of dining as the market’s leading food supplier.