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Storefront releases direct messaging and payments channel

Storefront, the world’s largest pop-up shop marketplace, is launching new messaging and booking features that enable landlords and tenants to communicate and transact directly. With the new features, Storefront is further improving the level of transparency in terms of prices and availability for short-term retail space rentals while at the same time building a stronger connection between landlords and tenants to support a sense of community.

With the new features, users exploring venues for their next pop-up will be able to take charge of the booking process and communicate directly with landlords through a secure messaging system. To further improve the efficiency of the booking process, transactions can be made through a secure payment system built into the messaging channel.

For both tenants and listing owners, this speeds up the process as the availability of the venue can be confirmed immediately and prices are accurate with regards to exact dates around seasonal events in the city. For the retail industry, the marketplace updates provide even more liquidity to the commercial estate industry.

The direct messaging and booking features augment the already existing Concierge service where Storefront support staff help clients with their bookings. Down the line, the two services will be integrated into a single channel where clients can switch seamlessly between independently talking to listing owners and asking support staff for personal assistance. Adding the concierge services as a 3rd party in the direct messaging channel is the first step towards that integration.

“One of the things our clients really value about our service, is the human and personal touch we put into every booking,” says Benoît Clément-Bollée, co-founder and CEO of Storefront Asia. “Integrating the new features with our Concierge service allows us to maintain that

personal touch and stay in close connection with our clients, while at the same time giving them the tools they need to create a more efficient process.”

Direct messaging and transactions between landlords and tenants is a unique feature for online retail marketplaces. It is one of many ways Storefront is supporting the pop-up revolution and strengthening the sense of community it needs to shape the future of retail. Ultimately, it brings Storefront one step closer to their vision of making the booking of retail space as easy as booking a hotel room.