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UGGC Avocats enters into an association with Hong Kong law firm SLOTINE

    UGGC Avocats, a French business law firm, established in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America continues its international growth in Southeast Asia, by entering into an association with Hong Kong law firm SLOTINE. It thus welcomes in its network 4 lawyers led by Maëva Slotine.

    • With a long-standing international presence, UGGC Avocats, a business law firm, has partnered with Hong Kong firm SLOTINE for international transactions in China - France - Hong Kong.
    • Already based in China with an office in Shanghai since 2008, UGGC Avocats has a capacity for direct intervention throughout China, thereby strengthening its reach on Southeast Asia.
    • UGGC Avocats thus reaffirms its historical position as a "Clients’ Firm" to support its clients for all their projects in France and overseas, especially in Asia.


    The natural extension of a long-standing collaboration

    The long-standing presence of the UGGC Avocats teams in Asia has allowed it to develop a network of first-rate correspondents in Hong Kong, Seoul and Southeast Asia.

    The teams of UGGC Avocats in Shanghai and SLOTINE have been working together regularly for several years on transactions involving, in particular, Chinese groups held by a holding company in Hong Kong. Following on from the collaboration, the two firms signed an association agreement to formalize their regular cooperation on international cases between France, China and Hong Kong.

    "I am very happy with this association because UGGC Avocats and SLOTINE share common values. By merging our skills, we reinforce the specificity that is ours in the market: to cover the entire needs of our customers in France and internationally," says Zhen Huang, Partner of UGGC Avocats in Shanghai.

    "This association enables our firms to have in the right set-up for acquisition and investment in Southeast Asia," adds Maëva Slotine, Founding Partner of SLOTINE.

    Association reinforces UGGC's "Clients’ Firm" model

    UGGC Avocats and SLOTINE are now united to form a single team on joint projects which allows the customer to have a single point of contact. This is part of the historical positioning of UGGC Avocats as "Clients’ Firm" building upon a long-term customer relationship and an in-depth knowledge of the customer's needs.

    "Hong Kong remains a stronghold for Asian sourcing companies and regional headquarters of European medium size enterprises (ETIs). The association with the law firm SLOTINE is part of our project to complete our offer of services for the satisfaction of our customers," commented Michel Turon, Partner of UGGC Avocats in Paris who was the driving force for the association of the two firms.

    About UGGC Avocats

    Founded in 1993, UGGC Avocats is one of the leading independent business law firms in France. Acting for private companies, public entities and individuals, it has a large range of legal and tax services and a high capacity in its international practices, whether through its offices in Europe (Paris, Marseille and Brussels), Africa (Casablanca), Asia (Shanghai and Hong Kong), South America (Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte) or its network of long-term correspondents. Positioning as a "Clients’ Firm", it focuses on developing its departments’ ability to cooperate on the same matter and to deploy, as needed, a full range of expertise. UGGC Avocats is composed of more than 150 lawyers, including 47 partners; it posted a turnover of about 30 million Euro in 2017.

    About SLOTINE

    SLOTINE is a Hong Kong law firm created in 2016 and led by French lawyer Maëva Slotine, also a solicitor in Hong Kong. The team includes French and Hong Kong lawyers. The firm focuses on two practices: Corporate (acquisitions, international direct investment and governance) and General Counsel (commercial contracts, employment law, tax law and pre-litigation matters).

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