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AFP expands global fact-checking services

In today's world, where fake information has 70% more chance* to be shared on social media than a true story, news consumers are facing a major challenge to be properly informed.

In this context, AFP has launched a multimedia content package, the Fact-checking wire, with ready-to-use articles. AFP's fact-checkers sift through the information that circulates the internet and social media, create content about the verification or debunking process and label the news as "Hoax", "True" or "False".

The Agency has set up several other initiatives to combat fake news:

  • a Blog,, in response to the multiplication of misinformation and disinformation online,
  • a White Paper on fact-checking, "10 tips to avoid the traps of misinformation", available for download hereafter:,
  • Trainings provided to help your team on how to fact-check information.

With 1,700 journalists based in 151 countries (201 bureaus globally), AFP is one of the biggest international news agencies, widely known for its reliability. Fact checking has been a core element of AFP’s work as a global news agency for more than 180 years. This work follows the mission of the AFP charter to provide accurate, balanced and impartial coverage of news.

*source: MIT Survey

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