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Alea launches Life Insurance advisory

“At Alea, we have seen a growing interest in life insurance in the last few years. People face a lot of uncertainties and want peace of mind for them and their family, if something unfortunate happens”, according to Julien Mathieu, Co-Founder of Alea.  

Despite growing demand, purchasing life insurance - an important decision - remains confusing, complicated and driven by sales - not quality advice. Critical Illness, Term Life, Whole Life: how does it work? Why do prices vary so much? Is the product recommended to you really the one you need? 

Having redefined the experience of finding health insurance in Hong Kong, Alea now also helps people find the right life insurance product, with the same focus on unbiased advice and personalized service. For each client, a trained expert answers all questions and compares relevant products on the market, to find the right option.  

For the launch of this new service, Alea is delighted to offer a free consultation with an Alea advisor. Interested?

You can learn more and get a free quote here