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Alea unveils latest HR & Employee Wellbeing Report, Insurance and Mental Health: Closing the Gap

Alea is proud to present its 2024 Report “Insurance and Mental Health: Closing the Gap”. This comprehensive guide sheds light on the evolving landscape of mental health coverage in Hong Kong and Asia, highlighting the need for greater awareness and action.

Mental health is an integral part of our health. However a key question remains: how well do insurers cover mental health costs?

To answer that question, Alea has conducted an in-depth review of insurance plans offered by 18 local and international insurers, comparing their benefits to find out which insurers are the most progressive. In addition to this exclusive survey, the 2024 report contains expert insights, emerging trends as well as an overview of regulations and best practices.

As a specialised health insurance & employee benefits broker, Alea enhanced this new report with practical knowledge gained from advising individuals and families, as well as SMEs, MNCs and local groups.

Key features of the guide include:

  • Mental wellness in Asia: status and latest developments
  • Review of 18 insurers’ coverage of mental health
  • Workplace wellbeing strategies
  • Mental health services in Hong Kong

"At a time when mental health is more important than ever, we are proud to shed light on what insurers have been doing to address rising mental health risks," said Amelie Dionne-Charest, co-founder of Alea. "Progress is made, but more needs to be done especially in regards to the cover of mental health pre-existing conditions."

“In the past year, a growing number of individuals, as well as companies and their HRs have asked us which health insurance plans adequately cover mental health, showing genuine concern for their employees”, adds Julien Mathieu, co-founder of Alea. “We are dedicated to supporting all of them in that journey”.

"Insurance and Mental Health: Closing the Gap" is now available here.