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Alibaba Group and Bolloré Group announce global partnership agreement

Alibaba Group and Bolloré Group today announced a global partnership agreement in the fields of cloud services, innovation and digital transformation, clean energy and mobility, as well as logistics.

The companies signed an extensive Memorandum of Understanding outlining the areas in which their respective business units and subsidiaries, including Alibaba Cloud, Cainiao Smart Logistic Network, Bolloré Logistics and Blue Solutions, have agreed to cooperate and develop a number of relevant  joint  projects.  In  addition,  the  groups  decided  to  share  their  expertise  and  market knowledge to explore new business opportunities, notably in China, Europe and Africa.

Main joint initiatives and projects include:

Cloud computing and innovation

As part of the agreement, Alibaba Cloud, the computing arm of Alibaba Group, will provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to the Bolloré Group, encompassing cloud computing capabilities, big data, artificial intelligence, content delivery network and security solutions, which will be combined with the knowledge and strength of the Bolloré Group to create joint value proposition.

Smart and clean mobility, clean energy

• Alibaba Group and Blue Solutions will explore the opportunity to co-develop solutions for Internet electric cars and buses, bringing the Internet experience (voice control, multimedia, navigation and autonomous driving) to the driving experience.

• The two companies will also explore cooperation opportunities in the development of car-sharing solutions in China.

• In an era when sustainability and electricity storage have become major concerns for citizens, cities and governments, the Bolloré Group draws on batteries and electricity storage technologies  to  deliver  solutions  for  the  production, storage  and  smart  consumption of electricity. Alibaba and Bolloré groups will look at the feasibility to implement such clean energy solutions at Alibaba’s data centers worldwide.


• Bolloré Logistics, a global leader in international transport and logistics, number 1 in France and Africa, and among the top 10 players in the world, and Cainiao Smart Logistics Network, the logistics business of Alibaba Group, agreed to work together on identifying cooperation opportunities with their respective logistics capabilities, hubs and networks, in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

• The two companies will also share best practices and will look into the development of some joint software and data management solutions.

In making the announcement, Cyrille Bolloré, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Bolloré Group, commented:” We are delighted to have concluded this comprehensive partnership agreement with a leading international company such as Alibaba Group. We are looking forward to working with them and their subsidiaries to develop business in our respective markets and join forces in other parts of the  world.  The  many  areas  of  cooperation  and  several  joint  projects  already  identified  by  our respective teams are particularly promising. We are also very pleased by our common willingness to share best practice and expertise that will be of strong benefit to all our companies.”

Terry von Bibra, General Manager Europe, Alibaba Group, said: “We are extremely pleased to kick off this collaboration with a prominent player across key industries like Bolloré Group. As a global technology company, digital transformation and innovation in all fields are fundamental drivers of Alibaba’s mission of making it easy to do business anywhere, with the ultimate goal of better serving our consumers and stakeholders worldwide, today and tomorrow. Hence, we are confident that the expertise  and  skills  brought  by  all  the  different  parties  will  generate  incredible  value  and opportunities as the partnership unfolds.”

Simon Hu, Senior Vice President of Alibaba Group and President of Alibaba Cloud, said: “Today’s landmark partnership marks an exciting step towards Alibaba Cloud’s goal to empower our customers with our inclusive and cutting-edge technology. We are proud to bring our cloud computing, big data and AI technology to the Bolloré Group and support their vision of being the pioneers in digital transformation. The sophisticated cloud services provided by Alibaba Cloud  and the expertise of Bolloré Group will complement each other and create synergy in servicing our customers more effectively as well as providing them the opportunity to succeed in digital age.”

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