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BNP Paribas celebrates International Women’s Day, Champions Gender Diversity

On International Women’s Day this month, many BNP Paribas employees in Asia Pacific spoke at or joined internal events highlighting ongoing efforts to achieve gender equality in our professional context as well as personal lives. Through our female empowerment network, MixCity, external speakers also shared perspectives on challenging the status quo and promoting diversity. Gender equality is one of BNP Paribas’ core commitments and in Asia Pacific, the Bank has increased the proportion of female senior managerial positions in Asia Pacific to 30% and hit 49% female representation across our Talent Programmes.


#JamaisSansElles and signing of individual charter


Over the past year, our senior leaders have agreed to adhere to gender diversity principles associated with the association #JamaisSansElles (Never Without Her) where possible, with our Asia Pacific CEO Paul Yang signing an individual charter. This means that at BNP Paribas, we will strive to ensure adequate female representation at both internal and external events as part of our broader commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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