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Creator of Longines Masters of Hong Kong partners with ARQANA to launch 'The Auction'

Christophe Ameeuw, the founder and CEO of Ecuries d’Ecaussinnes and EEM, a major player on the international equestrian scene and the company responsible for the iconic Longines Masters of Hong Kong, has chosen ARQANA, France’s number 1 racehorse auctioneer and among the leaders in Europe, as his partner to launch The Auction, a groundbreaking program of auction sales dedicated to show jumping horses. 

The objective of this partnership is to inject into sport horse auctions the professionalism and transparency that is customary in thoroughbred sales, using ARQANA’s expertise.

The Auction will propose two events in 2019, Act 1: The Embryo collection, 15 February from Deauville in full duplex with Hong Kong, and Act 2: Yearlings and performers will be auctioned in Paris in December 2019.

Act 1, The Embryo Collection

For the first time in Asia, as part of Asia Horse Week and the Longines Masters of Hong Kong, around twenty embryos from iconic show jumping horses will go under the hammer February 15, 2019. The sale will be held in full duplex between Hong Kong and ARQANA’s headquarters in Deauville, with bids also taken online. 

There is no ethical problem. The embryos are made naturally and then placed in recipient mares to allow the mares to stay and perform in competitions at the highest level.

Christophe Ameeuw, Founder of Ecuries d’Ecaussinnes and EEM, commented: "Our shared ambition with The Auction is to bring trade of show jumpers forward in the same way as ARQANA has done with racehorses, and their partner Artcurial before them in the fine art sector. The market for show jumpers requires accrued transparancy, professionalism, globalisation and modernisation. Together with ARQANA, we wish to implement an educational approach aimed at assisting vendors towards the public market as well as attracting fresh investors from every corner of the globe into the equestrian sector."

Eric Hoyeau, CEO of ARQANA, stated: "The Auction is the refl ection of a common will to innovate in a global environment. The worlds of horseracing and equestrian sports sometimes seem impervious to one another while there are obvious affinities between the two. These days, Normandy, and specifi cally Deauville where ARQANA is based, find themselves at a crossroads between racing and show jumping, as highlighted by the number of top level operations that have sunk roots here in recent years. We are delighted to engage ARQANA’s know-how and expertise for the benefit of a more open and transparent market place for show jumpers."

The full catalogue is now available online here

How to bid

It is possible to bid from Hong Kong, Deauville or online on the website after completing the application form available on the same website before 11 February 2019.

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