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Crystal International Group Limited announces net zero 2050 vision

Crystal International Group Limited (“Crystal International” or the “Group”, stock code: 2232) has been spearheading sustainability in the garment manufacturing industry. The Group started the climate journey in 2007 and began the 5-years Sustainability Targets which is now at its third cycle. Over the last 15 years, Crystal International has been driving the factories and supply chain to decarbonise with a view to helping and revitalising the planet. By virtue of years of efforts, its carbon footprint per product has reduced by 40% since 2007.

To achieve this long-term ambition, Crystal International is integrating net zero practices into daily operations and ramping up decarbonisation actions. The Group is formulating a net zero strategy and roadmap, including the enhancement of productivity and energy efficiency, augmenting the use of on-site renewable energy, and exploring opportunities for both off-site renewable energy resources and new green technologies. All Crystal factories will have their own carbon reduction target and specifically defined decarbonisation measures required to achieve the climate goals within a clear timetable.

Commenting on the decarbonisation journey, “The challenges are high, but we have an opportunity to save our world by changing the way we work and collaborate. We encourage joint efforts in mitigating climate change and hope more experts, industry peers, and other stakeholders, who share similar climate visions, would join hands with us to establish high ambition in its own areas to support carbon reduction.” stated Mr Andrew Lo, Chief Executive Officer of Crystal International.

Crystal International will be unveiling a sneak peek of its multi-faceted communications next month to signify the commencement of this remarkable milestone and to demonstrate its motivation – including a promotional video and thematic webpage, and different labels and recognition related to net zero that are in progress.

Crystal International will continuously work with the customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders along the supply chain to drive forward the transition to a net zero fashion future.