Dassault Systèmes supports Les Margaret Junior Awards of JFD

Encouraging diversity and promoting sustainable innovation being at the heart of purpose, Dassault Systèmes partner with JFD (Journée de la Femme Digitale) and Les Margaret Junior Awards aimed to distinguish innovative girls aged between 7 and 18 years old, who are innovating and already have the entrepreneurship spirit. Les Margaret Junior Awards are the continuation of les Margaret Awards that reward since 2014 European and African women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who innovate for a better world.

With the slogan of the company "the only progress is human”, Victoire de Margerie, VP Corporate Marketing, Branding and Communications at Dassault Systèmes will be part of the jury of experts to reward digital women's creativity, innovation and audacity. She believes diversity favors innovation and there is a need of presenting women on stage. Making innovation accessible to more people means creating a new generation of leaders, as well as encouraging the young women to pursue careers in the innovation sector and entrepreneurship.