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Former Deputy Secretary of the US Treasury takes advisor role at IMS portfolio company, OrgHive

Frank N. Newman has recently been named Strategic and Investment Advisor to OrgHive, a Hong Kong based online platform launched in China last month that allows consumers to authenticate product origin through advanced blockchain technology. The move endorses OrgHive’s mission to help consumers make healthier, more informed lifestyle choices.

OrgHive is a social and content platform that allows users to verify product origin using blockchain technology

The launch of OrgHive in March 2020 came at a time when Chinese consumers are intently focused on ensuring that they are choosing well when it comes to nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness, amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

While China takes its first few tentative steps towards recovery, its consumers are still reeling from the virus outbreak and searching for tools that will help them stay safe and healthy. OrgHive is one such tool, by allowing consumers to scan organic certified products in China and instantly verifying that product’s authenticity, down to the product item level (and not just the category level).

In addition, OrgHive users can also publish content, follow brands, browse products, and build their own following on the platform. These social mechanisms have been designed to facilitate product comparisons, influencer endorsement and peer to peer recommendations: all key components in the Chinese consumers’ path to purchase.

Frank N. Newman joins OrgHive as Strategic and Investment Advisor

Frank Newman joining as Strategic and Investment Advisor to OrgHive is a key step in long-term partnerships that Mr. Newman has served as Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, as Chairman and CEO of major banks based in the US and in China, as well as CFO of two international banks. He has also served as a director for several major public companies. Mr. Newman earned his BA, magna cum laude in Economics, at Harvard University.

Commenting on the appointment, COO Patrick Kaminski says: “We are really thrilled to have Mr. Newman join us in this exciting venture. We are confident that this will help establish OrgHive as a trusted authority within China amongst consumers and outside of China amongst brands.

CEO Anastasios Papadopoulos comments that “now is an opportune time to shape the future of the organic and health industry in China. By addressing the key hurdles for purchasing organic products, distrust of product origin and lack of information to make informed decisions, OrgHive is well positioned to become the leading authority in healthy living in China.

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