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Introducing the women behind APRIL International

In light of International Women’s Day 2021 earlier this month, APRIL International Care in Asia took a moment to talk with the fantastic women behind the scenes of its regional team. They were asked what International Women’s Day means to them and which message they would like to send out to young women thinking about their careers.

“A big step forward has been made these past decades regarding gender equality. It is our responsibility to continue on this path and promote gender equality. This is what I do in both my personal and professional lives, as a parent, a family member, a friend and as COO.

At APRIL International, 65% of the team in Asia and 40% of directors are women. Behind the figures, we have reached a tipping point where the former glass ceiling of gender inequality is fortunately and definitely gone. It’s in APRIL’s DNA to recruit, pay and promote our people based on their competencies and merits regardless of their gender. We must be proud of that achievement. It is also our duty to remain vigilant and continue to constantly empower the next generation of managers and leaders,” said Diane RICART, Regional Chief Operating Officer (Singapore).


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