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La Cabane & Conspiracy Chocolate present a winter pop-up featuring a variety of wines and never-before-seen chocolates

La Cabane x Conspiracy Chocolate - Hong Kong’s home grown chocolate makers and Hong Kong’s natural wine pioneers collaborate on a concept that marries two of the most complex flavours known to mankind. To be launched on November 21st 2023.

Customers will be able to taste and learn ways to elevate the experience of tasting wine and chocolate together. Besides, they can choose from a wide range of carefully curated natural wine bottles from small growers as well as Conspiracy’s full range of chocolate bars, confectionery, and bonbons, pralines and truffles, including new radical and innovative limited edition items. 

Conspiracy Chocolate and La Cabane have been flirting for the past year based on the brands’ shared values of a return from commoditization of industrialised food, a move towards celebrating the full range of flavour that patient, even nerdy agricultural practices have the power to create, only possible in small scale with a true connection with the source plant and its environment.

The chemistry between the two brands began during a joint tasting event, where both realised their shared vision over creating, curating and enjoying traditional wildly-fermented products made in close relationship with nature and agriculture.

The concept is based on a mutual understanding that from the curious to the connoisseur, the human palate is capable of detecting incredible experiences beyond the capacity of language and given a natural approach to processing a plant, anyone can easily learn to maximise the experience hidden inside wine and chocolate. This understanding brought our flavour experts together to offer curated experiences and simple advice to be offered to visitors to fully enjoy the experience.

The joint pop-up will start on 21st November 2023 and it looks to engage with both experienced connoisseurs of natural wine and bean-to-bar chocolate, as well as curious newcomers. The focus of the pop-up is a cosy and warm experience enhanced with the best of the best of what nature has to offer. Winter is a time for celebration and there are no better companions for celebrating than great wine and chocolate!

The pop-up concept will take place in two locations:

1. La Cabane’s Bistro on 62 Hollywood Road

2. La Cabane’s Cellar on 97 Hollywood Road / 10 Shin Hing Street