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Reinvention in an era of permacrisis : Navigating disruption to drive value

The 8th edition of Accenture's global CFO research

In an era of accelerating disruption and volatility, companies are embracing reinvention and turning to their CFOs to chart a path forward. To meet the moment, CFOs need to lead by example. This means transforming their finance function to better support the organization’s reinvention and growth ambitions.

"We operate in a highly disruptive industry “ and thrive in this environment. We’ve helped change the way people get rides and are now shaking up banking. We're even changing how people get goods and services quickly. At the moment, our main focus is to expand the accessibility of our services and deepen engagement with our ecosystem. We will look for opportunities to disrupt the market in ways that drive sustainable growth for the business.”  - Peter Oey Chief Financial Officer Grab

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