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Sia Partners launches affiliate program in Latin America, Africa, and Asia

Program launch in Panama with the firm RTP, now Sia Partners Panama, the first member of the Sia Partners network.


Since its creation, Sia Partners has been dedicated to a strategy prioritizing growth in mature markets. Its ambitious development goals within the current scope require near-total allocation of the group’s financing capacity, for an investment plan of 35 million euros on an annual basis. Sia Partners currently operates in 16 countries and plans to establish a permanent presence in two or three more by 2021.

Bolstered by its increasingly established brand, Sia Partners launched its affiliate program in order to accelerate brand deployment in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and certain Asian countries. Franchised firms will have total access to Sia Partners’ intellectual property (expertise, internal databases, credentials).

“Very few firms the size of Sia Partners have developed this sort of approach. However, this strategy creates more value for our clients than a simple alliance rationale because, in addition to sharing expertise, it will allow us to capitalize on our brand dynamic,” says Sandrine Carreau, Global Director of Marketing and Corporate Development.  

“After Panama, we will actively seek partners in Brazil and Colombia for Latin America, Nigeria and Ethiopia for Africa, and Indonesia. We will welcome applications from firms in around 30 countries. We aim to establish a network of 5 to 7 partner firms within 2 years, for around 20 million euros in revenue under franchise,” says Sandrine Carreau.


Founded in 2017 by partners from major international firms and based in Panama City, RTP has now become Sia Partners Panama, a member of the Sia Partners network. Today, it counts around 10 consultants.

The integration of RTP is based, first and foremost, on the consolidation of a leading offer centered on Compliance issues (KYC, anti-money-laundering, American and European banking regulations, etc.). For over 6 months now, Sia Partners and RTP have been carrying out joint projects for major financial institutions in the United States and Panama.  

Roberto Sayavedra, Lelio Balarezo and Amauri Castillo the managing partners for RTP Consulting reflected their excitement about the new affiliation with Sia Partners:

 “Our goal many months ago when we approached Sia was to identify a global firm, with broad capabilities and an outstanding brand.  We are now very proud to join that organization; complement our capabilities with Sia’s broadened skills in technology, automation, compliance and risk management, and allow the expansion of our services throughout Central America”.