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Societe Generale named 'Bank of the Year for Sustainability' by the International Financing Review (IFR)

The award by IFR as the ‘Bank of the Year 2021 for Sustainability’ completes a prestigious series for the Bank, as it adds to the recognition of 2021 Investment Bank of the Year for Sustainability from The Banker, Best Bank and Best Investment Bank for Sustainable Finance for 2021 from Global Finance, as well as the recent AAA extra-financial rating by agency MSCI.

“We are pleased that our clients, specialist financial journalists and extra-financial rating agencies recognise our actions and our commitment to building a sustainable future. Societe Generale has placed CSR at the heart of its purpose-led strategy and activities. To help meet the challenges of economic development that is both inclusive and preserving of the environment, we are working closely with our stakeholders, especially to address climate, biodiversity, and inclusion issues. We are embedding ESG in everything we do, said Diony Lebot, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Societe Generale.

The award by IFR particularly focuses on Societe Generale’s leading role in financing the energy transition. “While other banks raced to establish energy transition teams as the push to decarbonise intensified in 2021, one bank was already pulling ahead. For showing clear leadership in the issue that will define our times, Societe Generale is IFR’s Bank of the Year for Sustainability,” stated the jury at IFR.

“For many years, we have been associating ESG with our deep sector expertise and our structuring skills. We have therefore embedded positive impact solutions across our advisory, financing and investment activities to support our clients' sustainable roadmaps. With a shared ambition, we aim to build with our clients the future the next generations deserve,” said Slawomir Krupa, Head of Global Banking and Investor Solutions, Societe Generale.

Societe Generale’s sustainability journey began over 20 years ago, with our push for renewable financing followed by a founding partner role in the UNEP-FI’s Positive Impact Finance initiative.

Societe Generale has built on this foundation year after year, enabling the Bank to be recognised today as a leader in the field, which is an encouragement to continue developing and offering solutions to our clients across the breadth and the depth of their needs.

“The ambition to become a leader in sustainable finance is rooted in our capacity to bring innovation and thought leadership to help build new standards. Supporting a sustainable development is starting with creating awareness with each of our members of staff and sharing with our different stakeholders to build a common understanding of the changing paradigm. The breadth and speed of investment needed to adapt our economies are unseen, which is both challenging and very exciting. This requires all of us to rethink the way we serve our clients in order to bring the most relevant solutions and remain their partner of choice. The IFR award is a true recognition and certainly a great encouragement to pursue on this ambition,” said Hacina Py, Group Chief Sustainability Officer, Societe Generale.