The French Chamber responds to the COVID-19 crisis

Hong Kong is currently facing unprecedented challenges as it deals with the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. This is against the backdrop of a bleak global economic outlook and following an extended period of city-wide protests which had already impacted many sectors.

“As a Chamber with over 30 years of history supporting and safeguarding its members interests, we are here to ensure your needs are looked after as part of our strong business community in Hong Kong.”

Rebecca Silli
French Chamber in Hong Kong
Sophie Leconte
Executive Director
French Chamber in Hong Kong


What initiatives have we already undertaken?

To continue bringing leading insights

Members-only webinars

We have been delivering an ongoing series of webinars covering multiple aspects of the crisis from economic implications and business continuity to medical expertise.

To share up-to-date information

A curated COVID-19 newsletter for our members

Our fortnightly dedicated newsletter is a platform for members to showcase their company's expertise and initiatives relating to the crisis, while receiving the latest news and advice from public authorities.

To represent at an institutional level

Industry-wide surveys

We've led surveys on the retail and F&B sectors to gather the views of industry players and subsequently relay their concerns. Full results of these surveys to be released shortly.

In collaboration with the Italian Chamber.

Voicing concerns on the impact felt by international schools

We communicated with the HKSAR Government about the the impact felt by the city’s ecosystem of international schools and the need to consider international schools’ special operating constraints to ensure Hong Kong remains an attractive international business centre.

In collaboration with the British Chamber.

To support our hard-hit members

Showcasing our members' offers

We have been putting the spotlight on our members' latest offers via our French Shopping & Dining Guide and our Members Privileges Programme. We encourage you to make the most of the member-to-member privileges and support the other members of this vibrant community.

Our current major priority? An SME-dedicated assistance programme.

As the small business sector continues to feel the impacts of the ongoing crisis, we've put together a targeted series of seminars to assist our SME members.

Topics we've covered in recent weeks:


Stay up to date with the latest webinars and insights

Make sure to check our blog for all the latest COVID-19 advice and news from our members, and our calendar for upcoming webinars on topics relevant to the ongoing crisis.

We're here to help

We invite you to get in touch with us in order to let us know your needs or concerns so that we can provide the best help possible.

Most importantly, stay safe!

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Weekly updates on COVID-19 provided by the Economic Department of the French Embassy in China Government measures to assist SMEs in the ongoing crisis