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TheCodingMachine in Hong Kong strengthens its expertise in IoT mobile application development with French Startup Tikino

TheCodingMachine announces the successful delivery of the IoT companion app Tikino.


Tikino is the combination of a connected projector and a dedicated digital library for kids aged 3-8. 


Thiphaine Le Roy, Co-Founder and CMO, shares “With our playful educational device, we create a unique immersive experience to entertain and stimulate kids with beautifully crafted slowly animated content and we offer parents a smart and safe alternative to phone and tablets.”


The Tikino app is a companion app allowing the projector to connect to Wifi and download new stories.


In the future, the app will offer more features like advanced device control or recording your own stories. Developed on Google’s new technology Flutter, it is simple and intuitive for a smooth user experience.